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A financing facility which offers payment directly to the client’s suppliers for delivery of goods to contract awarders.

Post Financing:
Invoice Factoring

Factoring offers cash liquidity solution by improving a company’s working capital through sale of its invoices to the factoring company.

Term Loan
(Working Capital)

Working Capital Loan offers our factoring clients the flexibility to maximise the utilisation of its invoice value which has been sold to us.

Salary Advance Facility

Salary Advance Facility helps our clients meet their salary payments on time.


Letter of Support

We provide Letter of Support to assist businesses in the process of obtaining tenders awarded by government bodies and GLCs.

Letter of Undertaking
Letter of Credit

The letter acts as an agreement whereby we undertake to pay the suppliers after the goods are delivered and acknowledged to be in order.

Bank Guarantee for Performance Bond

We provide assistance in the preparation of Performance Bond to fulfil requirements imposed by contract awarders.

Payment Collection Agent

We offer suppliers the assurance needed in securing their payments from contract awarders and assist sub-contractors in guaranteeing their payments from main contractors.

Term Financing + Factoring

Pre-Factoring + Factoring


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Application Process

Step 1

Fill in the enquiry form.

Step 2

Our team will contact you to assist for documents submission.

Step 3

Once approved, funds will be disbursed accordingly.

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Owned by SA Puncak Management Sdn. Bhd. (200301015868)

Part of the Luminor Financial Group listed on Singapore Stock Exchange

Member Of Malaysian Factors Association (MFA)

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